Yamada Afterschool: Pink October 2021

After working on the textbook, we usually finish class with the YLE practice. YLEs are new to the children, so we spend a good amount of time each class talking about what steps we should take when answering questions. When working on the YLEs, we ask children to try answering by themselves, then compare answers with a partner. While at the start of the year, they were quite shy and kept to themselves, they have recently started to open up to their partners and spend more time with discussions. 


In the Animal World unit, we talked about unique animals and their movement. During the unit, we did a in class project where the children had to write about an animal they chose with a partner, and act it out in front of the class. One child would talk about the description while the other child did the actions. The children loved going up in front of the class and acting out as their animal, even making animal noises to add to the act!

Animal Worldというユニットを行った際、変わった動物やその動きに着目しました。また、クラスプロジェクトとして、パートナーと選んだ動物についてライティングを行い、クラスの前でその動物について発表しました。1人が動物の説明を行い、もう1人はその動物になりきって説明しました。みんな、クラスの前で発表するのが大好きで、泣き声なども付け加えながら、見事に動物を演じてくれました!

At the end of every unit, the textbook provides a board game we can play. The children jump for joy when we get there, and try their best to finish all the activities quickly so we have enough time to play the games. The children get very competitive during this time and will tally up how many times they win against their partners.