Yamada/Takatsuki Saturday School: July 3rd

The Chicks and Sparrows sang “If You’re Happy” during circle time. They practiced sleeping to take a nap along with the song!

ChicksクラスとSparrowsクラスではサークルタイムに”If You’re Happy”(幸せなら手をたたこう)の歌を歌いました。写真は歌詞にある”If you are sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, take a nap(眠くなったらお昼寝をしよう)”のフレーズにそってお昼寝のジェスチャーをしています。

The children ran around the gym and chased each other in this fun game of dodgeball.


During circle time, the Red and Blue classes learned about toys and prepositions. That talked about the things that they enjoy playing with at home!

RedクラスとBlueクラスのサークルタイムでは、子ども達が家で遊んでいるおもちゃを使って前置詞(on, under, top, besideなど)について学びました。

The Green and Orange classes used the iPads to practice reading and spelling on Vocabulary A-Z!


The children wrote their Tanzaku wishes today for Tanabata. They talked about what they want to be when they grow up.

子ども達は七夕に向けて短冊に願い事を書きました。将来何になりたいか、“I want to be a∼”(~になりたい)のフレーズを使って話し合いました。

The Wolves learned about occupations in their ESL lesson. They brainstormed different jobs to help them write their Tanzaku.

WolvesクラスではESLレッスンの時間にoccupations(職業)について学びました。また、その単語や“I want to be a~”のフレーズを使って七夕の短冊に願い事を書きました。

Once they wrote their wishes, they placed them on the bamboo tree, in hopes that they will come true!


The Advanced Yellow class continued their lesson about occupations. They played a trivia game and tried to match the jobs to the place of employment.

Advanced Yellowクラスでは先週に引き続き、occupations(職業)について学びました。トリビアゲームをしながら職業とその職業の人々が働く場所を当てはめて遊びました。

The Owls sang “Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?” to learn food vocabulary. They expressed which foods they like and the ones that they don’t like!

Owlsクラスでは”Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?(ブロッコリーアイスクリームは好き?)という歌を歌いながら食べ物の単語や“I like ~.”というフレーズを使う練習をしました。

The Orange and Green classes played a trivia game to review the house themed vocabulary that they learned today.


The Blue class is learning about block graphs in their Kid’s Box textbook. They practiced charting data about animals.

BlueクラスではKid’s Boxテキストを使ってblock graphs(棒グラフ)をつくる練習をしました。テキストに載っている動物の数を使ってグラフを作りました。

To build on their language lesson, the Red class matched the characters in their textbook to their favorite toy.