Senrioka After School: Blue May 2023

Hello everyone! it’s been an enjoyable first 2 months of after school for the Blue class. The students are starting to get comfortable with the course books and the new routine of the After School class. Here are a few things we have learned in April and May.

みなさん、こんにちは!Blue Classにとって、とても楽しい2ヶ月間でした。子どもたちは、テキストブックやアフタースクールクラスの新しいルーティンにだんだんと慣れきた様子です。それでは4月と5月に学んだことをいくつかご紹介します。
























We review flashcards once a week as we try to improve our vocabulary. We often play games such as the “Missing Card game” or “Gesture game”. In the “Missing Card game” the teacher will hide a card and students need figure out which card is missing in order to show an understanding of the new words they have learned. In the “Gesture game”, one student will come up to the front and perform a gesture and the other students try to guess what flashcard it is. We hope to continue to expand our vocabulary using flashcards and have lots of fun doing so.

語彙力アップを目指し、様々なゲームと週に一度フラッシュカードの復習をしています。「Missing Card game」や「Gesture game」といったゲームもよく行います。「Missing Card game」では、先生がカードを隠し、子ども達がどのカードがないかを当てることで、学んだ新しい単語を理解しているかを確認できます。「Gesture game」では、一人が前に出てジェスチャーをし、それが何のフラッシュカードなのかを他の子ども達が当てるというものです。これからも、フラッシュカードを使って語彙を増やし、たくさん楽しんでいきたいと思います。


























This was a flash card game of the days of the week. Students had to put the cards in order of the days of the week while I timed them. We then talked about the things that we do during the week, our schedule. Students mentioned how some of them play soccer on certain days or play the piano. It was fun getting to know what students do.
















Every Monday, we have “tech time” in which students use the iPad to log in to their Oxford accounts to enhance their English learning. It being the first few months of afterschool, students are mostly focused on practicing to log in and learning the features of the website. Students have learned to log in on their own without teachers’ assistance and are starting to feel more comfortable completing assignments on their Oxford accounts. They often help assist one another, when help is needed. We will continue to have “tech time” every Monday and hope to further get comfortable with Oxford.

毎週月曜日には、iPadを使ってオックスフォードのアカウントにログインし、英語学習を強化する「Technology Time」を設けています。最初の数ヶ月ということもあり、子どもたちはまず初めにログインの練習やサイトの機能を学んでいきます。すぐに先生のサポートがなくても自分でログインできるようになり、オックスフォードのアカウントで課題をこなすことに抵抗がなくなってきています。子どもたちは、助けが必要なときに、互いに助け合うこともしばしばです。今後も毎週月曜日に「Technology Time」を設け、Oxfordをさらに使いこなしていきたいと思っています。

– Jose