Senrioka Afterschool: Purple Mar 2022

Lately the Purple class has been doing online lessons. We have been continuing going through our textbook, Power Up 4. Our latest unit has been about food, so we have been doing a Jeopardy game about food and everyone really gets into it. We split into teams and answer questions about different foods. Even identifying some fruits and vegetables was a fun challenge as some unusual foods came up such as plums and persimmons. We also have been having fun playing scavenger hunt games to practice adjectives. It is always fun to see what the students will bring to the screen when we ask for something that is green, or heavy, or beautiful. We have been working on our speaking and presentation skills through show and tell presentations, where they pick something interesting they would like to show us, and talk about it. We even did a talent show once, where everyone picked a skill they would like to show off, explained it, and presented their skills. It was really interesting to see what everyone did and picked to show off. It has been a fun year, Purple Class!