Takatsuki Afterschool: Green Class June 2022

It has been a blast getting to know the children in this year’s Green Class! They have shown a fantastic understanding of the English language and how we use it to express ourselves in daily conversations. Each class, they impress me with their knowledge and sense of humor.


This year, we are using Oxford’s Everybody Up 5 textbook which covers exciting topics from vacations, to the Amazon Rainforest, to how computer’s work! The children were especially interested in the lesson on feelings, and enjoyed using our new vocabulary to better express themselves. We have just finished our unit on Camping, and the children explained which activities they like to do while camping, then further displayed those interests by making a camping diorama.

今年度はオックスフォード大学出版局の『Everybody Up 5』というテキストを使っていますが、バケーションやアマゾンの熱帯雨林について、またコンピューターの使い方についてなど、様々な興味深いトピックが取り上げられています。その中で、生徒達は特に「感情表現」についてのトピックに興味を持ち、新しく学んだ単語を使って自分の気持ちをより豊かに表現することを楽しんでいました。また、先日レッスンで学習した「キャンプ」をテーマにしたユニットでは、自分達がキャンプで取り組みたいアクティビティについて話し合い、キャンプのジオラマを作ることで、その興味や関心をさらに高めていました。

Our textbook also includes an online component which makes reviewing our classroom lessons easy and enjoyable. The children are able to access emails written to them from classmates and their teacher, play games, and test their memories. Each class has a specific online lesson assigned for homework, but we also make time once a week to practice these activities in class.


Perhaps the most exciting part of class is incorporating traditional Japanese holidays, such as Tanabata into our lessons. The children are able to explain what these traditions mean to them, and how they celebrate each year. Part of the children’s homework was to write their Tanabata wishes, then we copied them onto colorful tanzaku and drew decorations.


I am so excited to see where our textbook and interests will lead us as the year continues, and thank you for your support in keeping the children happy and healthy.