Takatsuki Afterschool: Pink May 2022

Everyone in Pink Class has been making great progress since the beginning of the school year and everyone has adjusted well to the new textbooks and online learning program Cambridge One.

4月に新学期がスタートし、2ヶ月が過ぎようとしています。Pinkクラスの生徒達は新しいテキストやオンライン学習プログラム(Cambridge One)にもすっかり慣れ、順調に英語学習を進めています。

This month in our textbooks we have been discussing the different ways in which we can tell the time using words like ‘quarter past’, or ‘ten to’ as well as being able to express more specific times of the day such as ‘midnight’ or ‘midday’. One of the fun ways we can reinforce the vocabulary is through games and interactive worksheets that promote communication skills between the students.

5月のレッスンでは、テキストに沿って、’quarter past(○時15分)’ や ‘ten to(○時50分)’ などの時間の表し方、さらには ‘midnight(真夜中)’ や ‘midday(真昼)’ などの具体的な時間の表し方について学習しています。また、ボキャブラリー(語彙力)を強化する方法として、生徒同士のコミュニケーションを促す楽しいゲームやインタラクティブな対話型のワークシートも取り入れています。

Every week we have been using the computers and iPads alongside our textbooks to reinforce the vocabulary and grammar that is presented each week. Everyone has been adjusting well to the new online program Cambridge One and we have been practicing logging in and out independently as well as doing some of the activities and quizzes in class. We have also been using Kids A-Z on the ipads to challenge everyone with educational and interactive games as well as improving their spelling.

テキストと併用して、パソコンやアイパッドを使って、ボキャブラリーや文法の強化に取り組んでいます。新しいオンライン学習プログラム「Cambridge One」の使い方にも慣れ、授業中に様々なアクティビティやクイズを行うだけでなく、自分でウェブサイトにログイン/ログアウトをする練習も行っています。また、iPadでは「Kids A-Z」のアプリで楽しく学べるインタラクティブなゲームにも挑戦し、スペリングも上達しています。

We have also been improving a lot of our original writing in our journals. Everyone is being very careful to write clearly and neatly in their journals in preparation for the YLE tests that are held later in the year. We have also been colour blocking the text in our textbooks to break down long pieces of information so that everyone is able to find information quickly. Keep up the good work everyone!



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